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So much time and effort is required to transport inmates from their housing facility to the location of an arraignment, but no more. Recite Tele-Justice allows you the capability to remotely host HIPPA compliant arraignments through high definition video conferencing on almost any device. Created specifically with government agencies in mind, Recite is easy to use and works with any existing web camera. Experience the highest quality mobile arraignment solution with Recite.

HD Video

Conduct arraignments using high definition video to ensure sharp image quality and color.

Any Camera Compatibility

Recite is compatible with any existing web camera, making conducting arraignments simple and easy.

Advanced Audio Compression

Advanced audio compression delivers near CD-quality audio over the internet with standard equipment.

Bandwidth Efficient

Recite delivers higher quality video and audio while requiring less than half the bandwidth of older and outdated technologies.

Governmental Classified

Built upon video conferencing software with strictly government agencies in mind, Recite Tele-Justice is perfect for the Corrections market.

Reduced Transport Costs

Using Recite for an arraignment eliminates the need to transport the inmate to the county courthouse, greatly reducing transportation costs.