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  • CiD
    The Phone System That Fits Your Every Need.
  • Real Time Monitoring &
    Voice Recording
    Monitor real time inmate
    telephone calls and
    information at a glance.
  • Easy Access to
    Records, Logs
    and Reports
    Access and play back any
    call through the web
    based IceNet platform.
The IceNet Platform

If your inmate phone system leaves a lot to be desired, we have your solution. Built on the latest technology in the corrections industry, IceNet provides a secure and reliable inmate communications system. Utilizing our web-based interface you can easily monitor telephone calls in real time, review previous call information, restrict and allow telephone numbers, and playback recorded calls from any internet connected device. For a secure and simple inmate phone solution, guaranteed to save you time and money, choose IceNet.

3-Way and Chain Dialing Call Detection

Utilize around the clock surveillance on every call made on every inmate phone.

Call Monitoring and Integrated Voice Recording

Monitor real-time inmate telephone calls and call information at a glance.

Watch Number Access

Set up custom alerts to manage call control and intelligence gathering.

Telephone Shutdown Control

Conduct individual, groups, or all telephone shutdown with a simple click of the mouse.

Automated Operator Support

Automate collect call processing restricting inmates from contactig a live operator.

Multiple Language Support

Utilize multilingual support to cater to Spanish speaking users.

Web-Based Call Records, Operation Logs, and Reports

Access and play back any call through the web based IceNet platform.

Call Restrictions and Call Blocking Capabilities

Classify any number as restricted and no inmate will be able to call that number.

Call Limits on Duration, Usage, and Frequency

Enforce call length limitations to control the duration of any phone call.