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What is Content Broadcasting?

The days of compliance posters, paper handouts, booklets, and other forms of print media are long gone. With Cellcast, the future of correctional communications is here. You now have the capability to provide your facility with a variety of content ensuring that all inspections are passed with ease. Display customized information, advertising, educational content, RSS & news feeds, video, and much more. Content broadcasting is the future of engagement and Cellcast technology has streamlined the communication process.

Fast Information Distribution

Showcase all pertinent information at the same place, at the same time.

Jail Policies and Procedures

Update and make changes to your policies and procedures, then disseminate immediately.

Customize Announcement

Be in full control of your announcements. Every piece of content displayed on your Cellcast display is determined by you.

Create and Showcase Videos

Diversify your signage and reap the benefits of video displays.

Post Rules and Regulations

Increase exposure to the rules and regulations of your facility.

Training and Educational Purposes

Supplement lessons or training with this useful visual aid.

Additional Components

Add RSS, Stock tickers, weather, news tickers, and many other components.

Third Party Agencies

Cellcast meets compliance requirements for third party agencies.

Personalize Calendars

Keep inmates, guards, and administration informed of upcoming events at all times.

To learn more visit www.cellcast.info